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April 15, 2009
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RPS Rattle Snake sketch by abosz007 RPS Rattle Snake sketch by abosz007
Well the Royale Stables are still in and still not ready to begin with breeding....
but they are busy to enter that others get to know the Royale stables :giggle:

Also....they start to get some Harlequines :lol:
Lyo and Pirate are amazed by those beautiful they where searching for stables...where they are for sale or are bad treaten.

They stole Rattle Snake from a stable in Austria :giggle:
He is a bit agressive and shy because of the people who took care of him...They didnt even knew he is a harlequine and thought he is maybe like this because he lived in a radioactive place :lmao:
So Pirate and Lyo stole him :giggle:
He needs to be trained....

Name: RPS Rattle Snake
Stable Name: Punk
Age: 5 years
Bloodline: -->
Sire: unknown
Dam: unknown
proven Papillon Noir descendant registration number - 15 -

Breed: Harlequine BL
Height: 170 cm (16.7 hands)
Character: yet aggressive, shy and untamed
Talents/Disciple: Racing (needs training)
Genetics/passable traits:
Snake Like Markings / Caro shapes on the body.
very long legs and talent to race

Breeding status: Closed (currently)

Thanks *life-d-sign for the help X'D

Rattle Snake © by the Cursed Pirate
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Surely he's had some foals?
Wow I havent seen the detail of the snake :D It is AWESOME and so creative
Wow, hes really cool :wow: Love hes markings.
Kiba222 Apr 16, 2009
wooow der ist sautoll! des ist einer der schönsten.. harlequins die ich je gesehen hab! O.O die abzeichen sind so..gut überlegt und alles ist einfach nur hübsch! auch die pose find ich toll *.*

Samba: gestohlen? tztztz...
danke X'D war nur schwer zu entscheiden welche markings schwarz..welche weiß und welche rot werden...

Lyo: ein anständiger Pirat....macht sowas halt XD
Kiba222 Apr 16, 2009
ist aber echt gut geworden ;)

Samba: entführt ich auch leute? *schritt zurückgeh*
Lyo:..neh..nur wenn sie widerstand leisten XD
Kiba222 Apr 16, 2009
Samba: *noch weiter zurückgeh*
PearlyPony Apr 15, 2009   General Artist
His eyes do look a little snake-ish. I really love his colours and patterns and the colouring work you did here.
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