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December 10, 2013
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Ooooh why you sad? by abosz007 Ooooh why you sad? by abosz007
Continue of: Resting in peace by abosz007


After a lot of things needed to be fixed to be allowed burrying Katarinka in the mountains where she wished to be,
Vidar left the Hunters with Kat, Helena and Nita in Obertauern. He was useless up there as he refused to ride anyone else for the moment. 
He'd have felt like he could simply replace Katarinka, which was not the case.
Not emotionally and not with her job. He had to think about who he'd bring to the White December instead....It would open in a few days.
Kalinka and Alexandro were probably in a good enough condition to start the journey again.
He spent much time training up Katarinka for the task. When he arrived back at RPS he settled with the thought starting with Alekseevka.
Alexandro's young colt who so far had been around the Balaton like the olympic endurancers and had been to a trip to Transylvania.

While making a few important phone calls that were about a happier topic, he saw Mob all alone in his box playing unmotivated with the hay net.
Maybe he was waiting for his friend to be brought in but the snow-loving Sripal friend of his loved the cold. While Mob easily had cold legs.
"You need a mate buddy, hm?" he asked and stroke the stallion's neck, who enjoyed it ssoo much to have him back.
Vidar decided to let him tag along while he made the rest of the phone calls, Mob constantly demanding his attention with goofballery.
The last phone call was asking around a few partner stables if they saw any Nordanners for sale. Preferably someone who hes related to. 
He didnt give a damn about the opinion from Damon and Lyo but Mob needed a friend of his kind since the last month prove what he saw from beginning.


Vidar, Mob © by the Cursed Pirate
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Das Bild hat eine tolle Alltagsatmosphäre x3. Vor allem bei Vidar sehe ich förmlich, wie er weiterläuft :D
Mendokusee Feb 25, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hahaaaw ^^
Mob is too cute :3
Jullelin Dec 22, 2013  Professional General Artist
Aww, cutie :aww:
Awww, Mob is ein richtig Süßer. <3
Drück ihm die Daumen für einen Bruder.
Reining1 Dec 13, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aww, well I'm glad that Vidar has a friend in Mob :)
Breezy-Park-Stables Dec 13, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i could breed u a nordanner if u wanted ??
I love your style! :heart: It looks like screen from a good disney's animated movie, really. Your peoples and horses are always so emotional, so real, so alive. And you always show pampered work with full of magic specific to your style of drawing. You play with shadows, with colours, with times of the day on the images. I love that.
I don't comment all your works, but I want to tell you I love them all. I'm sure you read words like that every day, but I want to make you sure you are really good drawer, Tyler. Don't change it!
thats such a compliment one doesnt get everyday for sure :''''D and the sweetest hear i achieved what i try for since years QQ <3 thank you!
My pleasure, really! I hope one day I'll be like you, you're my role model! :huggle:
Gotta love mob being himself <3
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