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My deviantArt Story

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 8, 2014, 5:13 AM

You saw it coming didn't you :XD: 
But beware i'm an old hare on this site so my story might turn a bit longer x)

Once Upon A Time...

There was a site called, a place where Manga style art was blooming,
not knowing there's any other place i've started submitting my horse pictures there. 
As that kind of art was highly underrated there the animal artists quickly found each other XD
Wolf, Big Cat, Horse and fantasy animal artists left each other the sweetest comments and the most
constructive critique. The kind of comments some could only read on page histories far off the
time of ipads and android phones, before favving and reblogging and liking was cool :XD:

There are stumbled upon Friends who are still so dear to me i can't believe we know
each other since SO MANY YEARS!

Who turned out to be one of my greatest idols in art,
especially writing and being accurate with stories aand paying attention to detail x)

Who turned out to go to the same design school as i did LOL
Then dragged her successfully into horse art and teamed up in the same graduation class : P

Who is the kindest and most adorable and lovely person on earth. 
Just when i believed a writing style of people and using cute smileys has nothing to do with someones
actual personality or way to talk, i was proved wrong xD
She is maybe the only person on earth who can pull off a human "x3" face and look like u.û too 
(in a non creepy way.)

Who still reminds me of how important it is to support each other as artists
and to stay faithful to old characters <3 its always so nice to enjoy seeing familiar faces but also her new ones.

A page that actually had an equine corner.
drawing like artists from MOVIES i just wanted to be able to do that too :noes:

Those details and expressions from silverglass19,
Those lovely characters with so much style from MichelleWalker 
The badassness and unique appearance for horses from freeburgfreak
The hhheaart and ssoouul one could find in the romantic stories  from Leadmare

My pre-historical Deviantart crush BrindleTail could tell, we've been there :I
So many herds with so many unique stories and 
countless amounts of wonderful characters with outstanding personalities
and even the simplest designs could look mind blowing in some styles.

Padfoot7411, Moominfan80, VitaniFox85 and GinasDream are some
of the first people ever constantly commenting my art on this site and still do Q_Q :tears:

And at this point i want to mention PearlyPony who's the greatest supporter of artists i've met. :heart: 

And there came HARPG

Thinking that would be sort of an end of my Pirate-era,
having a herd of equine pirates and their cursed stories....

But Nope. They simply turned into humans and opened up a stable to get ROYALS
amongst pirates x)

Don't think even moonfeather knows what she created back then that started
so innocently with a few connected stables but nowadays who on earth
doesn't knows HARPG xD??? The most discussed yet beloved community i ever experienced.
Oh i am still endlessly grateful life-d-sign inspired me with this. I miss your art QQ

Keeping most of the people i knew before,
i also got to know some of them all of sudden from whole different sides.
Some really blooomed in my eyes as soon as they got their hands
on a few horse disciplines such as ....
Jullelin became the racing queen founding 
most of the bloodlines racehorses have now at RPS : P
Mendokusee showing off how many faces warmbloods 
can have and even show how many different cream tones there can be!! XD
sealle blew my mind with her pictures whatever crossed
her mind...and still does. Honestly people its like Equine Anatomy is in her blood XD
EscyKane is a closer friend to me than i ever expected, her vibrant, energic personality
is strangely not even visible in her style that suggest GREAT amount of patience and calmness : P
I am super grateful to haven gotten to know you guys on a more personal level :'D <3

But then how can i not mention friends i've gotten to know in the -recent LOL- past 3 years :XD:
SO many stories would have never happened to appear in my gallery without......

Sorrel-Feather's sweet darling Kris...Aleks would have disappeared and none of the magic kept up :C

cyprussian's Lovely characters showing my pirates how it can be so easy to trust one another <3

Joybird's staff bringing some dramatic uplifting to events and opening eyes of them old fashioned brats : P

Templado's vivid and life-like characters to bring some interesting twist to RPS's predictable life soon ID

But there will always be ART

to keep it interesting and have give a treat to people's eyes there shall be features
of artists i know since the recent...or since a longer while..
who havent been mentioned above but who i adore deeply for their
talent, kind personality and of course for inspiring me with every submission :heart:

.:the start of something new:. by Littlehorselover FWR - In Loving Memory Event - 2012, Hauk by samuRAI-same Going for a Stroll by SWC-arpg
good old home by surpricelover How (not) to Jockey by WindFlowerGirl BP | Hayburner? by Enharmonia
Meet the Obertaurers by inglorious-vikings Dancing with someone special by MoonyArsaraidh Let it go by Kirayli
Birthday Splash by Ikiuni Dancing Bears by TavieTastic Sunny by Chistokrovka
PF Kuran Kaname by Niur-Tarow Splish Splash by Okami-Haru Running with the Wilds by CSStables
At the Beach by Shotechi Some people never go crazy... by just-sora Blackbird and Electra - Shedu Chase by FlareAndIcicle

  • Listening to: Lady GaGa - Alejandro
  • Reading: inside British Intelligence - Gordon Thomas
  • Watching: sherlock holmes
  • Drinking: VODKA


Tyler Szabó
Current Residence: Hungary/Pécs and Austria/Wien
Favourite genre of music: soundtracks, Hip-Hop, Rock
Favourite style of art: Comic/Disney/Dreamworks
MP3 player of choice: iPod Oo
Favourite cartoon character: can i call Spirit or Balto a cartoon? Oo..if not: scooby doo :D


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