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Letters to Damon (Outlaw Trail)

Journal Entry: Tue May 22, 2012, 4:44 PM

Note that these are Vidar's thoughts about the trail, and do no match with my personal opinion.
He is a character and doesn't reflects myself. (just in case someone feels offended by his actions)

The Outlaw Trail


When We Stand Together by abosz007

My dear friend Damon,

i hope your worried of me and my horse and sob around all day that we get shot.
HAHA. Seriously.
I'd like to keep you updated about the whole Trail since you said
you were quite Interested, because such huge events at HARPG are rare.
Alexandro arrived safely and the Landscape is faascinating.
I know you'd rather stay home and protect your cold vodka,
so be glad you guys sent me to the desert. By the day you get this letter
i am probably shooting down Outlaws like the seagulls in Russia.
I wonder where they will burry the corpses?!
HARPG is badass.

PS. After seeing the card i am glad i got an endurance horse


Practical issues by abosz007


This trail. is not what i expected.
This is going to be a pleasure ride referring to the clothing of the ladies,
THATS outraging why are actually so many females going around??
I dont remember to have Females going crazy in the wild west like this,
thats. unnatural. i thought there will be some good old days nostalgic memories thing.
OH GOD and i prepared for some REAL wild west action. If you would see that you'd fall
from the saddle mate. How on earth should we shoot at women????

yippe-yah-yee by cyprussian


Preparations by WesternSpice

Ah wait the Shooting part actually got cancelled.
Major Pain told us not to shoot at each other, now why am i here??!
HAH i miss times when you sent me hunting down french officers.
plus. TOO many people. TOO many i feel tempted all the time to use my gun
SOOO bad. no one told me this will be THIIIIISS huge.
Can't wait to ride around in the desert and catch people. Thats like.
Hide and Seek extreme.

Outlaw trail -arrival 2- by capofamiglia

Outlaw trail -training- by capofamiglia

Some russian guy recognized me somehow from the Gull-shooting event,
sometimes i wish i would pay as much attention to strangers like
some years ago. I like that guy. Honest, sarcastic.
I got persuaded to do some shooting practise despite
to the fact there WILL BE NO shooting.
thahha i think i met some damn funny guys,
hope their lawmen too x)

HArpg Outlaw Trail - Chewing Gum by life-d-sign

Women. actually there was one i found quite decent for the trail.
She and her horse look like they actually going to survive the trail haha
And love the fact to see so many Obertaurers around.
Can you tell Lyo not to screw my girlfriend while i am gone? thank you.
When we talk about manwhores i just found one whos bigger than my brother.
and not sizewise haha. Someone from a Stable made and Advertising,
if they announce their stable as referal to go to the event he's dropping clothes.
Hillarous. and i thought the women will get a suburn.

i shot the sheriff by abosz007

Aceepted to be a LAWMAN at the trail. Still hillarious i can play the good guy.

No Woman No Cry by abosz007

Cancel the part of Lyo shouldnt screw Harlow,
She is right here at the Outlaw trail,
WONDERFULLY in clothes she will totally get a sunburn.
felt forced to do something against her stubborn mind xD
is that bad if you put someone into a sack to protect them ?!

So Many Fjords by abosz007

Guess who i met in the Saloon.
The same lady who i thought would be quite decent for the trail.
AHM. i will continue this message a bit later,
some guy just treatened a lady with a knife.


Hallo Damon nOtethat iewf should noosadt
trink wif Woamnand ahahha
iwant get oaath ja her. LOL

GOOOD MORNING by abosz007

OH. MY . GOD. this headache will kill me today.
Sun is up, Alexandro is fine in this weather,
no problem for our Obertaurer,
but i think i took this saloon fun too seriously.
Its embarassing i almost lost a drinking challenge against a woman.

Hangover Inc. by life-d-sign

Lord, i never knew Alexandro can be this studly.
That poor blonde Obertaurer mare
must feel sexually harassed already.
I think all four of us, meaning she, her horse, alexandro
and i, made a complete fool of ourselves
when we dahsed through the crowd like
a rhino in a swarovski store.
Positive side of it...they will remember us?!

Brumbies and Obertaurers by abosz007

  • Listening to: Lady GaGa - Alejandro
  • Reading: inside British Intelligence - Gordon Thomas
  • Watching: sherlock holmes
  • Drinking: VODKA


Tyler Szabó
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Favourite genre of music: soundtracks, Hip-Hop, Rock
Favourite style of art: Comic/Disney/Dreamworks
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Favourite cartoon character: can i call Spirit or Balto a cartoon? Oo..if not: scooby doo :D


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